Hello and Welcome!

We are The Aviator Family: Doma, Vicky and our daughter Lili Anna. We’ve spent lots of time both in Europe and the USA. After almost five years in Texas we moved to Florida in 2021. We absolutely adore living here!

We both worked in the hospitality industry for a long time, especially Doma.
He was a Chief of Protocol of a Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade and later an International Sport Federation in Europe. Worked with Presidents, Prime Ministers and many more politicians and diplomats. But he fell in love with aviation while working for an aircraft manufacturer in Europe and later in the USA. He earned his pilot license in 2020 and working towards his instructor ticket.

Vicky used to teach and loved it! Later she worked as a sales assistant in a hotel in Texas but always missed her kiddos. 

Our passion for these is what initially moved us towards starting our business and combining our strengths and skills. Our goal is to satisfy the different needs of businesses and help youngsters to find an awesome carrier path and enjoy what they will do as adults.

We would love to get to know y’all and help achieve your goals through our services.



We are the official representatives of the Fusion 212 aircrafts in the United States.
We will help you to purchase a brand new or pre-owned Fusion aircraft.

Our full management service includes company representation, strategic planning, operational support, marketing and PR solutions. Available for all businesses.


Our Service Center for all of your maintenance and service needs at DeLand Municipal Airport in DeLand, FL.

Our staff consists of A&P and IA certified mechanics with over 70 years combined experience. Rotax certified A&Ps are available for you. 


Basic, advanced and spin/UPTR training with great CFIs. Outstanding S-LSA airplanes and TAA time building.

Unique training program for all ages.
7-days a week at KDED Airport in DeLand, FL. 


Download and find more details and information about
the available Fusion 212 aircraft configurations, inventory and prices. 

We are dedicated to serve You and give you high quality wings to fly. 
Flight training, hobby, sport or recreational purposes? You are at the right place at the right time. Check out the configurations and let us know how we can assist you to make your dream come true through The Aviator Family. 

Fusion 212 FLYER

You can download the newest Flyer from here
which contains lots of details about the Fusion 212 airplane.